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Creating art and teaching creativity is a way of life for me and has been my main source of joy and income for over 20 years.  When I get excited about a project I like to share my knowledge with others and over the years I've taught hundreds of classes at large National art retreats to cozy home gatherings.   Through those years, my work has been published in dozens of many well recognized art magazines and a few books.  My most recent accomplishment is the opening of an online school. 

I live, eat and breath my creativity everyday and I am so honored and humbled to have an incredible group of loyal students.  If you love unconventional bohemian style mixed media jewelry, junk journals and altered art, welcome to my world.  If you’ve never met me I invite you to check out my social media and youtube videos to familiarize yourself with my style and maybe even take a class with me.

My own education spans decades with a persistent curiosity to learn, living and breathing a truly creative life every day and the adventures I have traveled to get there.  Through my trials and errors, my goal is to share the victories I’ve achieved with you.  Won’t you join me?


The Artsy Bohemian